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2017-2019 international competition
for young composers and arrangers


Hungarian version here


  1. ORGANIZER: the main organizer of the competition is the Bronisław Rutkowski Music School in Kraków, Poland. The partner institutions are NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" in Burgas, Bulgaria and A Kobanya Ifjusag Zenei Neveleseert Alapitvany in Budapest, Hungary..

  2. IDEA: the aim of the competition is to develop and support contemporary composition methods and technologies inspired by folk music from the partner countries - Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary as well as enrich the schools’ didactic materials with folk music literature and promote folk music among local communities.

  3. PARTICIPANTS: the competition is open to all the students of primary and secondary music schools in Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary.

  4. SUBJECT: the subject of the competition is an original composition or genuine arrangement of the partner country folk music melody from the attached selection of 9 melodies (3 Polish, 3 Bulgarian, 3 Hungarian, Annex 1) for a vocal, instrumental, vocal-instrumental, electro-acoustic or electronic ensemble or soloist. The participants cannot submit a composition or an arrangement based on their own country’s folk melody.

    The artistic value of the submitted works, their relevance to the subject of folk music inspiration as well as creativity and ingenuity of composition technique and presentation will be judged by the Jury.

    Duration of the piece should not be longer than 5 minutes.
    Each participant may submit up to two musical works.

    The submitted works may not be performed publicly, published in any form, or awarded before the competition.

  5. MEDIA: the submitted compositions or arrangements should belong to two media related categories:
    A) scores – traditional (written) as well as modern (e.g. graphic scores)
    B) other audio-visual recordings

    For audio-visual works the following conditions must be fulfilled:
    a) The video recording must be of high quality, without video editing and visual effects.
    b) The composition is to be performed uninterrupted. Stopping the camcorder during performance is not allowed.
    c) On the recording, the participant must be shown in general view. The instrument, hands and face of the performer must be clearly seen.
    d) At the beginning of the performance, the participant introduces himself/herself by saying in English his/her name, surname and year of birth.
    e) Video recording must be in mp4 format.
    f) If the video recording is made with tablet or mobile phone, the device must be placed horizontally.
    g) Video recording which does not comply with the required conditions will be rejected. The participant may supply the corrected version of the recording in timely manner.
    h) Video recordings which are approved upon registration cannot be replaced on participant’s demand.6.

  6. JURY: the Jury of the competition consists of the expert contemporary music composers,performers and teachers from each partner institution. The submitted works will be assessed and ranked in two stages 1) NATIONAL STAGE, a selection of works by the Jury inside of each partner institution in the following manner: compositions and arrangements based on Polish folk melodies will be assessed by the Polish Jury, those on Bulgarian and Hungarian melodies by the Bulgarian and Hungarian Juries respectively 2) INTERNATIONAL STAGE, a final selection of compositions and arrangements from among the national stage winners by the international Jury.

  7. SUBMISSIONS: for the first, national stage of the competition the score and a set of performers’ parts should be sent in the PDF format (the score should be signed with an chosen emblem instead of author’s full name) together with the application form (Annex 2). Submissions should be sent to the following e-mail address: Ez az e-mail-cím a szpemrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát. until

    May 15 th , 2018.

    The e-mail must be entitled “Folking with Erasmus+”. Large audio-visual files should be sent as a link via such internet services as Dropbox or WeTransfer.

    The name of a folk song used as a base of arrangement should be indicated. In case a text under copyright law is used in the composition, the author’s agreement is required.

  8. PRIZES: the FIRST PRIZE and two honourable mentions will be granted by the Juries in the NATIONAL STAGE of the competition. The winning compositions and arrangements will then be presented during the Final Concert in Poland where the Grand Prix of Folking with Erasmus+ will be awarded. Special interdisciplinary publication Folking with Erasmus+ is also planned.

  9. All the participants will be given diplomas or certificates.

  10. COPYRIGHT: all the submitted works become subject to open licence of the European Union and the National Agency. Upon entering the competition the participants agree that the organizers may process their personal data included in the application form, as well as register and publish their image and performances strictly for the purposes of organizing and conducting the competition.


1) Folk melodies
2) Application form


Download Terms and Regulations


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